5 Things You learn from being a Stand-up-to-Deliver Trainer

by Ridtz Yusoff

When I was 17, a young, energetic and dynamic man burst through the auditorium doors in my JC with a big idea. He said - "If others could do it, so could you!" It was an impression that lasted with me for years to come. Indeed, I benchmarked all this person's achievements to my own. I was so inspired I actually became one of his trainers- at Adam Khoo Learning Technologies Group. 

And so I thought I was ready to be a trainer, a stand-up-to-deliver trainer. But life just loves giving you surprises...

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Ridhwan YusoffComment
A Window Seat of Humanity

Curated from Grant Spanier

In a world filled with instant gratification and fast wins, what if things never seem as they are? What if we could pause in the pursuit of happiness and instead appreciate happiness in the moment? Fly through this insight by writer Grant Spanier when he shares how delaying our automatic emotions could open the doors of possibilities in ways we never fathomed possible.

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