As you trudge through the mazes, obstacles and challenges of life, many of us are dazed, confused and often frustrated. That we do not meet the expectations of others, the pressures we put on ourselves, the comparisons we make with others. We are angry because of the lack of common sense or why the world is so cruel. 

But amidst the daze and confusion, one tip a wise man once told me was to put your hand on your heart. Close your eyes. Feel it. With all the intensity and glory of conviction. That's not only your heartbeat. It's the pulse of your life. Your purpose. 

It's why you wake up in the morning and why you can't sleep at night. Why you would tear at the movies or feel enraged when someone is abusing the cats. Why we speak up for what is right by our hearts even when our voice is trembling and the whole world speaks otherwise.

Thanks to ZenPencils, here is a wonderful piece of wise life advice, from poet Max Erhmann's Desiderata.