The great leaders are the ones that don't just ask 'WHY'; they ask 'WHY NOT'? They are the ones who are not always satisfied with the status quo but want to push the boundaries of what's possible and go into what was once dubbed as impossible. They never just rely on the tried and tested but look for significant ways to improve the way we do things so that we can live better tomorrow. 

That's why we have devices like the iPhone, the Samsung S Series, the Kinect. That's why we have technologies that can tell us seamlessly how to navigate out of cluttered urban jungles. That's why we can get our information delivered to us in a split second, in the comfort of our own Facebook feeds. 

Challenging the process is about :

  • Seizing opportunities to learn new and innovative ways to do things
  • Experimenting and taking risks. Let us not just have a dream or a plan but to test it out, experiment and see if it works. If it does, it's all and good. If it does;t what good can we learn from it so that we can build up on our plan?
  • Constant and Never-Ending Improvements. CANI. CAN I be better tomorrow than I was today?