1. The time when waitress Liz Woodward wrote a touching note fo the sacrifices of firemen. And got repaid BIG.

And in turn, the firemen spread the news through social media and the word of mouth to tip big for the waitress. A fund set up to help her raise about $17 000 to help care for her dad is now way in excess of $40 000. 

2. The time when Captain Jack Sparrow took time off his voyages to spread cheer at a children's hospital in Brisbane

3. The time when leukaemia patient Miles Scott got his wish of becoming BATKID granted.

4. The time when Alex McKelvey decided to honor her late grandmother by doing 600 random acts of kindness.

Her acts included donating pet food, handing out Easter eggs with cash inside of them and leaving quarters inside vending machines. Her mission : To make people happy. One simple act of kindness can have a ripple effect. What about 600 then?

5. The time when Chinese student Xie Xu gave his buddy Zhang Chi a ride to school everyday- using his 2 feet. 

Zhang has muscular dystropy, a condition that causes a malfunction of the muscles and a difficulty to walk. Not wanting his buddy to miss out on the experience of school, Xie has been taking him on piggbyback 12 times a day for the last 4 years. 

6. The time when Brazil's No. 1 Fan handed his replica World Cup trophy to the Germans after the Brazilians got trashed 6-1 on home soil.

Clovis Acosta Fernandes, who was facing a long fight against cancer, shows that the true mark of sportsmanship is alive amonst the fans in the stands too. Passion for your football is also love for your fellow humans too.

7. The time when the uncle on the MRT Priority Seat reached out a hand of kindness to the foreign workers who were freshmen to the nation.

Uncle to worker: "Hey you can sit down... You don't always have to give up your seat, especially not to men on the train. You come here to build our homes so you can sit also you know?"

The uncle Mr Rimy Lau, 68, shared that the worker  Saravanan Samidurai, 28, has been in Singapore for just three days and he just wanted to him to feel welcome.

"They come here to work. This is how we can take care of them," said Mr Lau.

8. The time when this lady accidentally knocked a stranger's car and wanted to take responsibility for it. His response to her will blow your mind.

9. The time when marathon runner favourite sacrificed her first place finish so that she could help another finish his. 

Her name is Jacqueline Kiplimo from the Kenya and she stayed with him for several miles so that he could complete his race, effectively costing her a coveted first place finish and the $1000 prize at the Zheng-Kai marathon in Taiwan. 

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