What story are the Obamas telling us?

Every Easter Sunday, the Obamas have been hosting Easter parties where they play basketball with kids and parents, have picnics and tea-time dances! But the most fascinating part of it all is when Barack and Michelle, aka POTUS and FLOTUS, sit down with the kids on the White House Lawn to do a story-telling session only they best know how to do!

But really, what story are they telling us? 

Somehow it sounded like this...

It was the dreaded time the final results came out. 

And I hear a sick, sick sound my stomach is churning.

And I hold tight to my chair, wishing i could get out of here, fast!

And then the teacher announced your friend, who kept saying he didn't study and didn't know all the questions was top of the class. NO WAY!!!!! HASHTAG #CLOSETMUGGER!

And you think to yourself, if I show a little bit of  that fierce look, how bad the results turn out will never get to me!

And then I think of the faces my parents will make, when I show them my results...


Just like the name of the book they were story-telling, it's


Ridhwan YusoffComment