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Why Sonny Bill Williams handed the medal to the child

Curated from Keith Begley

Often, we are mesmerised by selfless acts of courage and sacrifice that are totally out of this world. Because perhaps we have been so wired in a world that has glorified the individual over the community. Yet when something out of the ordinary like Sonny Bill Williams giving away his medal of glory from the Rugby World Cup to an unassuming fan, it all but put our faith back in humanity. But why did he do it? What to us is bizarre and illogical is all but the right thing to do for Sonny. 

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3 Life Lessons Learnt from The Military in Officer Cadet School.

by Eugene Koh

During a job interview some time back with a Fortune 500, I was shocked when the interviewer, a lady asked me a rhetorical question - What did you learnt from the Army? Isn't it just about following instructions? I was taken aback but kept a professional front and went to supplement her answer. So, it struck me that I could use Linkedin as a platform to share 3 Life Lessons from The Military which will follow me for life. Here's a Singaporean's perspective. Enjoy.

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