Have you ever wondered why should others follow you? Why would you follow a person's instructions? Do what a person asks you to do? In the past, people can stamp their authority. The bad leaders do so by pulling their rank or threatening with the subtle passive-aggressive refrain "Because I'm your boss." But how do the inspirational ones inspire action?


Through a secret password called DWYSYWD


Leaders can only inspire action when they are credible. That they not only walk the talk, but practice what they preach. In fact, if you look at the words above DO happens twice, and SAY only once. This means that you will be judged more by your action rather than your words.

The best way to do what you say you will do is to align your actions with your intentions. And your intentions come from your values. What do yo stand up for? What matters to you? Why do you do what you do? 

Find out what is your top value in life. Define it in simple terms. And think about how you are applying it in your everyday actions. How do you bring your values to life? Through 

  • Your everyday interactions with people
  • How you stand in a place of conflict 
  • How you make difficult decisions 
  • What you make a stand for
  • The stories  and narrative you tell others