The Intern

Today, you and I, we find ourselves traversing a volatile, uncertain, complex and ambiguous environment in the workplace. This has pertinent consequences in the context of career planning and exploration. Indeed, the youth of the 21st Century are growing up to take on jobs that were not even heard of 10 years ago. They will be the ones who will enter the job market to fill in careers that have yet to be invented.

This gives an interesting dilemma to both educators and employers alike. How do we mentor and guide our younglings to dare to dream and future proof their careers in a climate that is volatile and shaky?

No one organisation has the perfect answer. We believe in exposing the youths through The INTERN. Indeed, the more experiences and lessons they learn, the more prepared and resilient they will be in squaring up to the challenges that the future holds. It is thus with great excitement that we would like to invite you on a partnership to help mould the future leaders of tomorrow.

In The Intern, students would go for a 6 to 8 hour internship with companies and organisations. During this “internship” students will experience first-hand the work experience in the different
companies and organisations in a plethora of industries.