Students face challenges and demands not only in their school work, but in dealing with all other aspects that come with being a teenager. In order to help them cope and excel in such a competitive environment, it is vital that students have both the personal mastery skills to take charge of their lives, as well as the interpersonal mastery skills to work well with others.

‘Students lack an “exposure to life” and a certain resilience that can come only from experiencing hard knocks’ (Prime Minister Lee Hsien Loong, as quoted from the Strait Times, when asked if he is optimistic about Singapore’s future)

Live! Operation aims to do just that. This 52-hour experience is set in a simulated situation. Students are thrown into a role-playing game (RPG) environment where carefully accessing every possible situation, employing the right strategies and tactics and choosing their personal response and taking action is crucial to the outcome of their designated missions.