Flight School

The 21st Century will indeed be characterized by this pursuit for excellence in a project called ‘making a better tomorrow’. Often enough have you seen the advent of a new technology only being replaced by something better a few months down the road? Indeed, you are only limited by what you can imagine. For with your imagination, you can fly and soar above the skies.

Welcome to Flight School, a 21st Century experiential and authentic learning programme that hinges on the metaphor of flying to empower our young learners with both the hard and soft skills of soaring towards realizing their dreams and creating a better world-an opportunity to do so with a new beginning right at the start your secondary school journey.

Transition from primary school to secondary school is never easy for a 12 year old. Many may feel apprehensive and as a result, keep to themselves, resulting in low self-esteem.  Some students may lack the maturity to a new pace of life where they must begin to think more for themselves and become more independent. Moreover, students come from different primary schools with different cultures and expectations. Flight School aims to make the transition a fun and meaningful experience. Students will be given the chance to open, build strong sense of camaraderie and cohesion among their new friends, teachers and their new neighbourhood and develop a strong sense of pride for their new home.  

The programme gives every learner the opportunity and experience to immerse in the culture of their school, learn relevant skills they need to fly high in secondary school and learn and apply 21st Century skills they need to soar ahead in life. Ranging from information literacy to leadership and accountability, these lessons and skills will be transmitted at a bite-size level in order for all learners to be able to apply it to their own lives in a meaningful, engaging and meaningful way.

jd lee