Kampung Daze

In Kampong Daze, students will take on the role of villagers of Kampong Merdeka. The participants will be learning through the vehicle of a role-playing game. In this learning process, it is different for participants will learn not only to take information and knowledge at face value but learn to access, interpret, analyze, evaluate and communicate knowledge and information-skills central to the 21st Century.

They will engage in a journey of self-directed learning and learn various personal mastery skills through a series of experiential learning activities. Participants will also understand the importance of collaborative learning and communication through the platform of games and challenges that they will play.

Most of all, they will get to live a piece of history-an experience of how our forefathers lived and strived for excellence-where often we need to remember how far we’ve come to remind ourselves how further we can go in the future.

jd lee