Welcome to The Nomadic Race. Once upon a time, a long time ago, the nomads travelled across the seven seas and the overlying hinterlands looking for places to settle in and make a living, live life to the fullest. These were the hunter-gatherers, the journeymen who looked for green pastures and mountain tops in the search for a better tomorrow.Years have passed since the NOMADS ruled the land like titans.

The nomadic way of life seemed extinct to some. Or so they thought. But many years on, as history often likes to repeat itself, the spirit of the nomad lives on…Through the information superhighway and satellites of all moulds, the human race runs the nomad race once more as borders get diminished and futures uncertain. Only by living true to the creed of the nomad and the spirit of the nomad,  can man find a meaningful future.

So join us on this journey of a lifetime where we join hands in hope and run the NOMAD’s race once more…because in order to face the future, we must first embrace our past…And let the spirit of the nomad and the strength of humankind prevail once more for us to LEAD our lives into the future… This is unlike any race you have run before. This is the race of your life. And the more you give to it the more you get. The longest journey you will run is the one from the head to the heart.