Singapore History Maker

With more than 50 years of modern history, Singapore has flourished from a developing country to a first world country. This is a legacy for that this tiny red dot has left for the world.

This is our story to share to the rest of the world. In this journey we are taking you to, we ask of you to open your hearts and minds to the world of possibilities. Our pioneers were often asked 'why' they did things. They often replied, more through their actions than the action of 'why not'?

Have you been playing below the line or are you going to live up to your purpose and take 100% responsibility of events that occur around you? Many people have been saying to leave the world a better place for our future generation.

In Singapore History Maker, we want to leave a better generation for the world. That journey starts here as we revisit what it means to have the Singapore Spirit... by acquainting ourselves with the Spirit of Singapore Past and Spirit of Singapore present, so that we can help to mould the Spirit of Singapore Future.

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